The Idea.

Wekoworks is the idea of designer and concept artist Matus Prochaczka. The Label produces unique concept design paintings that are all focused on concepts of IndyCar Series and F1 series in 2035 . The special combination of crispy 3D Renderings embellished with an artistic finish by hand create pieces of design art, that are available as acrylic over painted canvas prints, Aluminum DiBond prints or traditional fine art paper print.


1. Canvas print

Absolutely non-reflective matte canvas, with no disturbing reflections of lights, or windows. Print is realized by professional printers using pigments instead of ink, so the painting colors are rich and long time lasting. Framed, or simply wrapped over 2 cm or 4,5 cm thick wooden frame.

2. Aluminium DIBOND print

Very light weight and quality look of print, standing 1 cm out of wall. Picture printed directly on 1 mm thick aluminium plate, doubled by 2nd aluminium layer, creating compound material with black foam core. Fit perfect for combinations of 2 or more divided prints in horizontal row.

3. Fine art paper print

Realization on Hahnemühle matte quality papers, which are used in galleries. Natural structure with coating allows to keep perfect detail. Framed in big range of frames for paintings. Important is that print is protected by museum glass, that is 70% non-reflective.


Easy To Order.



Choose a ready made art piece from the Paintings Selection Simply send an email with the picture code, your address and any special preferences to


Choose your favorite picture from the Image Gallery, plus your favorite material (CANVAS, ALUMINIUM DIBOND or FINE ART PAPER) and send an email with your address and any special preferences to